Gry Gry Mario

  • Categoría: Mario Bros Games
  • Licencia: Freeware
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  • Sistema: wXP Vista w7 w8
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A fun Mario game, full of secrets and hidden places.

With the name Gry Gry Mario you'll find a fun game, created by fans of Super Mario Bros and inspired by their world, giving rise to a new platform adventure.

This time, the world's most famous plumber in video games must go to a world in which there are magical boxes that allow you to move from one level to another. Although in Gry Gry Mario you have to open your eyes as you walk with Mario through each of the screens of the game because there are many secret entrances and hidden pipes.

Of course, in Gry Gry Mario it can't lack the power mushrooms, fire flowers, and a band of little characters that want to make you fail in your mission. What are you waiting for to play this new adventure of Super Mario Bros? Gry Gry Mario is free.


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